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Solar Hot Water Heat Exchanger. Heat Domestic Water
Pressure tested before shipping. Custom sizes available

This heat exchanger has has 2 exchangers on it. If you want one with just one let me know. I will send you one with 1 exchanger and 3/4 NPT fittings for the same price. If you need a custom size let me know and I will give you a price.

This is a solar radiant heat exchanger that can be used to heat hot water in a water hater or anything else. This can also be used to cool liquid. This exchanger can be used with one or two systems. If used with one system the top two connections can be connected together and the two on the bottom can be used as the in and out. Many possibility's one part of the heat exchanger could be plumbed to a boiler and the other plumbed to a solar panel. If you want one with pipe threads please contact me. This is highly efficient. For best efficiency when adding pipe insulation to this use one complete piece of 1" insulation from where it connects to the bottom of your water heater to the top. If you have any questions please ask

How does it work? The hot water flowing through the two outer pipes will make the water in the inner pipe heat and rise. This is called convection.

How do I install it? This must be connected between the waterhaters drain valve and cold water connection. It is best to add a T before the drain valve and connect this to the T that way you can drain your water heater if you have to.

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Length 36"
Width 1 1/8"
Inner Exchanger 30"
Outer Exchanger 26"
Exchanger Pipe Connections 3/4" Female Solder
Heater Pipe Connections 1/2" Male Solder
For 3/4" NPT Fittings add $15